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[Apr. 10th, 2010|03:31 pm]
Okay, so there was that big huge story last year about all the members of the Anglican Church in England converting to Catholicism because they were uncomfortable with homosexual priests. Have they come back now that the Vatican has proven itself basically a den of pedophiles who molest children literally BY THE HUNDREDS and pedophile protectors? I mean, seriously, what the fuck?
Is atheism just Luther's theses for the 2000's then? Because it seems like the Catholic Church has done enough to warrant yet another Protestant Reformation by now. I guess it speaks volumes about the rituals and dogma they produce to understand that it hasn't splintered into a thousand sub-sects by now.
Also, I heard about this big Boy Scouts scandal where leaders of the Boy Scouts of America actually had fucking FILES on KNOWN PEDOPHILES and were taking measures to protect them from media exposure. Can't the government just fucking fire and then jail everyone in the administration who was involved in that? I mean, I was a scout! It makes me sick to think that I could have been fucking molested if I had a different scoutmaster. The scout troop was attached pretty closely to the Episcopal (same thing as Anglican) church I attended as a kid, though. And although they have had at least one pedophilia scandal in the past, they don't seem to have as much of a problem as the Catholic Church.
Or maybe I'm wrong and the world is just filled with secret child molesting psychopaths who purposefully move into positions where they can molest and rape over and over again.

[User Picture]From: tomkoz
2010-04-11 02:58 am (UTC)
you're probably just blocking the events
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[User Picture]From: kuranes
2010-04-11 03:13 am (UTC)
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